Top 5 Smoky Mountains National Park Backpacking Trails

Backpacking is a unique hiking experience you can have in the Smoky Mountains National Park. Not only does this outdoor adventure introduce you to a whole new side of the national park, it also encourages you to push beyond your current boundaries and comfort levels. To get started on your next outdoor journey, read below to discover our favorite Smoky Mountains National Park backpacking trails!

1. Mount LeConte (12.6 miles)

Mount LeConte is one of the most popular Smoky Mountains National Park backpacking trails. It is also one of the most scenic.

Along this hike, you will experience many obstacles and challenges that make this hike worthwhile. From the rocky terrain to steep ridgetop turns, this almost 13-mile hike is perfect for any adventure seeker.

Trust us when we say that the hike is well worth it when you reach the summit! One of the fun and unique features found at the top of Mount LeConte is that there is a mini hotel of sorts, as well as a place where you can pick up a picnic-style lunch to celebrate your accomplishment.

Before you head back down the mountain, don’t forget to check out the llamas that transport goods to and from the base of this hiking trail.

Reservations are required to stay at the Mount LeConte Lodge.

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