Top 10 Recent Discoveries From The World Wars

Even on a small scale, conflict can leave complicated stories and scenes behind. A global war scatters ruins, artifacts, and mysteries over countless landscapes. Archaeologists and historians have studied both world wars to a great extent, but there’s no shortage of new glimpses into these terrifying times. This list shares some of those recently uncovered secrets and personal moments as well as astonishing research that raises the possibility of a previously unknown world war.

10. British Happy Hour

A British camp once stood near the town of Ramle in Israel. Under the command of General Edmund Allenby, the unit occupied the barracks during a time when combat against the Turks in Palestine was put on hold. Arriving in 1917 during World War I, the British stayed for nine months.

In 2017, excavations revealed an unwritten slice of what had gone on there. Inside the camp’s rubbish dump, archaeologists found the usual broken kitchenware and then they saw the bottles. Around 70 percent of the items thrown away by the barracks’ occupants consisted of liquor bottles. Hundreds of whiskey and gin bottles—including some marked Gordon’s Gin and Dewar’s Whisky—turned up.

It would appear that the men used the long months of respite to get drunk often.[1] The sheer number of empty containers found at the site suggests that becoming inebriated wasn’t against camp rules. This was a unique find for Israeli archaeologists, and it allowed the first look into how these particular soldiers spent their leisure time.

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