2. Zanzibar

If you are looking for a tryst with wildlife, Zanzibar is one of the best places to be in. Located off the coast of Tanzania, this bio-diversity hotspot has plenty of native wildlife as well as some beautiful corals to explore. Go on a wildlife safari and try spotting the Zanzibar leopard. The animal species is not extinct, but who knows, you could the world’s savior. But if you don’t feel like going on a hunt for Zanzibar leopard, you could choose to visit the historical site of Stone Town. As the name suggests, the place has some really awesome stone architecture which is believed to be more than 200 years old.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

If your idea of backpacking is staying in cheap hotels, breaking into an impromptu dance on the street while experiencing the luxurious and the sophisticated as well, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to be. This South American city has everything you could need for a buzzing backpacking holiday. There are cheap hotels as well as luxurious ones. Beer and liquor is cheap and life in Buenos Aires is always a party.

The people of this city are crazy about their football and there are plenty of historical sites as well as beaches to explore. You can even get to hear some fascinating stories of the land if you are ready to mingle with the local crowd. People of South America are known to be a friendly lot.

4. Amsterdam

Yes, Amsterdam is known around the world for its Red Light District (and shops that sell some outrageous sex toys). But that’s not the only thing that’s a talking point of Amsterdam, even though the Red Light District drives most of the tourism of this city.

There is a maze of canals to be explored here; a peek into the colorful past of the city to be had; a picnic to be had with the locals of Amsterdam; some amazing gardens to explore and so much more. You can even visit the home of Anne Frank, the same one on whom a book is based. And if you are looking for cheap places to stay while on a backpacking trip to Amsterdam, here is a list of bed and breakfasts as well as hostels in Amsterdam. You can even find a lot of info about the city, which could make your trip even better.

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