8 Of the most amazing and Expensive Classic Cars of all time

Although, some of the latest cars that feature state-of-the-art technology may be the most sought after vehicles of today, it is vintage and classic cars which have a charm of their own. Classic cars have their own character and are a symbol not only of a vintage era but they also have their own history attached to it. Some of these babies have been owned by celebrities or driven by grand prix champions and are a prized collector’s item. Here are 8 most expensive classic cars in the world.

1. 1904 Rolls-Royce, $ 7.3 Million

This beautiful piece, among only 17 built, truly qualifies as a vintage car and while it may not have fetched a price beyond $ 7.3 million, the fact that it belongs to the early automotive era rightly qualifies it as automotive art. Resembling a carriage, this featured an engine with only 10 HP powered by twin cylinders of 1.8 liter. This is the oldest known Rolls Royce that exists today and had been hidden in a farm building during World War II.

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