5 Most Disturbing Archaeological Discoveries

4. The Tomb of the Sunken Skulls
The Tomb of the Sunken Skulls

In 2009, a railway line was being built which would pass through a site which used to be an ancient shallow lake. Before construction could begin, an excavation of the site was carried out to check for any artifacts that might be buried there.

What archeologists found was bizarre and has remained a mystery to this day. In what has since become known as the tomb of the sunken skulls, the skulls of up to 11 people including men women and children were found dated at over 8,000 years old.

Two of the skulls were mounted on wooden stakes, and several more showed signs of having once received the same treatment. The skulls were found alongside tools and animals bones laid out in a stone tomb which had been built at the bottom of the lake, however the story gets even weirder. One of the female skulls was found to have had pieces of another woman’s skull stuffed inside it.

This bizarre scene has baffled researchers, and theories about what took place at the site continue to be presented. Some believe that the skulls are the remains of enemies killed in combat, which were mounted on stakes by victorious warriors to be displayed as trophies of war. Others believe that the dead may have been placed here after decomposing, and had their bones displayed as part of a burial ritual, which explains the wooden stakes.

These theories fail to account for why the skull fragments of one woman were found stuffed inside somebody else’s skull though, and many believe that something much darker occurred at this ancient lake.

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