32 Tips for Backpacking Thailand

Thailand is often the starting point for backpacking southeast Asia or is a country that has plenty to do on its own. Though you can never be fully prepared for southeast Asia (it’s full of surprises) you can be as prepared as possible to help you save some cash, know etiquette you should follow and plan the best trip possible.

Many people are intimidated with travel in Thailand but you don’t need to worry. Thailand travel is easy as the country caters to tourists and more English is spoken than you’d think (though not always).

Follow these Thailand travel tips and you’ll be sure to have an epic trip. Thailand is my favourite country and I’m excited for you to travel to Thailand!

1. Don’t Rush It

There’s a reason why this is the first tip, as it is the most important tip to ensure that you enjoy your trip! Thailand is a big country and the worst thing you could do is rush it and try to see as much as possible. Instead, spend time in places, enjoy the country and get to know fewer places rather than more. My best advice is to spend 3-5 days in each spot you visit.

2. Bargain, Bargain and Bargain Some More

You’ll get a ton of practice on your Thailand trip and it may seem weird at first but you will learn quickly. When I first went to Thailand I often tried low balling it and you know instantly when you’ve gone too low by the look on peoples faces. That being said sometimes if you stick with that low price you will get it but don’t try and push your luck.

3. Eat Street Food

Do it and you won’t regret it! This is one of my top Thailand tips: There is no need to fear street food. Getting sick in southeast Asia is like a rite of passage, it happens to all of us and avoiding street is not going to make you not get sick. Often times it is better because you can see the food being made in front of you versus restaurants with a kitchen in the back.

4. Cover Up

Be respecful, don’t have your a** hanging out of your shorts or be walking around topless with your board shorts on all the time. Sure, you can get away with it more on the islands but don’t even try to do it in the main cities. Same goes for temples, ladies make sure your shoulders, knees and chests are covered.

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